By diffusion bonding one layer or multiple layers of metal meshes, forming an exclusively integrated plate, we commonly call it a sintered metal filter.

Before the sintering process, we need to do some preparation work.

  • Firstly, we will inspect and clean each layer of the woven mesh carefully, and get the target panel size by cutting.
  • Then we will press each wire mesh, and laminate some layers of wire meshes together as per corresponding structure. Meanwhile, we can spot weld them to avoid movement during transferring. This procedure cannot only ensure good contact between wires of a single mesh, but also benefits to increase contact with adjacent metal woven mesh.
  • After these preparation works, we can put laminate in the furnace filled with inert gases, but without any additional metals, fillers, or bonding agents. The sintering will occur by heating at a constant pressure.
  • Finally, we can get the desired sintered metal mesh after controlled cooling.